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Hi, I'm Sandy!

I'm an (agile) business coach, OKR consultant and workshop facilitator who loves great coffee.

I work with and for humans: 1:1, in teams, in organizations. I mostly work with Startups, SMBs and NGOs.

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Here's what I can help you with

Fostering an environment for high-performing teams and organizations (Business Agility)

You might be asking yourself questions like: 

How do we start this project with this new team? How can we maintain a lean company structure while we're growing? What's our strategy? How do we want to work together? How do we want to make decisions? Can we foster autonomy within teams? 

I'll support you answering these questions and dive into the world of agile ways of working.

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Objectives & Key Results

While I'm not married to any specific agile "method" or framework, I've seen the benefits of adopting OKRs over the past years. 

If you think this agile framework is for you (or you want to find out if it actually is) I can support you in answering the following questions (and deriving actionable steps):

How do we start with OKRs? What's in the framework? What roadblocks can occur? What are the conditions in order to work with OKRs? How do we measure if our OKR pilot is a success? What does an OKR Master do?

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Giving People and Teams Room to Reflect and Grow

Sometimes you need room for growth, reflection and new perspectives. In 1:1 or team coaching sessions we'll look at situations and questions like:

What is being expected of me collides with how I view myself. What can I do grow into my new role? We always fight within our team, what can we do? We never fight within our team, is there something underneath the surface? The work relationship with my boss sucks! What are my strenghts? And how can I leverage them? How can we as a team establish better ways of working together?

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Unsuck Meetings

...or turn them into workshops.

"Yay, another 3-hour meeting of rambling and endless discussions!" said nobody ever. 

Meetings can be a huge leverage to effectively share information, agree on next steps or create alignment. If they're well structured and facilitated.

I can show you how to restructure your meetings as well as how to turn them into longer workshops if the topic needs more room, e.g. strategy, company vision & purpose, values, generating ideas, etc. 

Additionally, I can support you as a facilitator and actually run these workshops for you.

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