OKR Coaching for Startups and SMEs

Working with OKR is like a journey - just that this one's never ending. I see myself as your travel guide who will coach you and show you a variety of tools so you can confidently continue your OKR journey on your own.

Your OKR Travel Guide

Doing agile strategy work with OKR is no all-inclusive vacation but more like an adventure! On adventure trips, there's no one size fits all, yet there's a basic structure split in different phases. Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls with an experienced hands-on OKR travel guide.


OKR Implementation

Kickstart OKR


OKR Coaching

OKR Training


OKR Audit

OKR System Reflection


This phase is about reflecting on the organization's current challenges and issues and gaining clarity on whether and how OKR can help you solve them.

It's important for the leadership team / management to establish a common understanding and clear commitment.

We want to establish a strong starting point for your OKR journey. We'll answer the Why? Who? When? and How? in this phase. Plus, we'll set up an "OKR Base" team who'll lead the OKR journey within your organization.

OKR journey services

OKR Discovery Workshop

In this workshop, leadership will learn about the OKR framework, its basic principles, success factors and common pitfalls. In this way, we create a common understanding and a common language.

We also reflect on the current challenges of the organization and clarify whether and how OKR can contribute to the solution. 

OKR Architecture und Workflow

We will design the start architecture for your OKR journey and agree on important parameters. In this session, we’ll also define next steps and set up initial feedback loops.

OKR Base Team

For your OKR implementation to succeed, you’ll need an internal counterpart for the external coaching who will lead and coordinate the OKR journey within your organization. I'll support you to set this "OKR Base Team" up and coach them along the way.

Vision & Purpose Workshop

In this workshop, I'll support and coach you to create a meaningful and relatable vision for your organization as well as to define your company's purpose.

Start with okr


This is the longest phase of our collaboration and encompasses about 2 -4 OKR cycles.

Based on an inspiring and relatable vision and purpose statement, we'll dive deeper into strategic topics and create an annual strategic focus. Subsequently, Objectives and Key Results are defined for the next 3-4 months.

We'll go through the first OKR cycles. Previously trained internal OKR Guides (OKR Masters) will gradually take on more responsibility to guide and coach teams and leadership by themselves in the future.

You'll establish a continuous inspect and adapt attitude with initial feedback and reflection loops.

OKR journey services

OKR Master Training & Supervision

My ambition is that "my" OKR travelers can continue their journey on their own as soon as possible. I support you in finding suitable candidates in your organization and train them to become internal OKR Guides who learn hands-on how to effectively accompany their OKR teams already during the first cycles. First with me in the lead, then in sparring and through supervision. For this purpose, I combine meaningful theoretical impulses with the necessary tools, e.g. from the areas of facilitation and coaching.

As an official partner of die.agilen GmbH I am also authorized to train and certify you as an OKR Master.

Basic Training for employees

Your employees receive a basic OKR training, e.g. a 2 hour live session with theoretical input plus Q&A.

Midterm Goal (Moal) Workshop 

In this Moal workshop, we'll translate your strategic topics and expectations into a coherent target picture for the next 12 - 18 months. 

This Midtern Goal serves as inspiration and guardrails for your OKR teams' Objectives and Key Results.

OKR Planning

Formulating objectives and key results sounds very simple. In practice, however, I often see that many teams struggle with this, especially in the beginning, and leave such planning sessions with better to-do lists.

In the OKR Planning workshops, I support the team in formulating outcome-oriented goals for the next 3 - 4 months, so that they effectively contribute to the strategic midterm goal.

Alignment Session

Once multiple teams have started working with OKR, it's important to create a structure for alignment before they start the OKR cycle.

In this session, teams engage with each other's Objectives & Key Results while I help them ensure cross alignment and uncover dependencies or synergies.

From OKR to Action Workshop

Many teams struggle to actually move from their strategic OKR into action. In this session, I support them in deriving initiatives and integrating them into their daily work.

In this workshop we also look at possible combinations with other frameworks, such as Kanban, Scrum or Design Thinking elements.

Regular Check-Ins

Working with OKR in itself is a change within the organization. To maintain focus during the cycle and establish a routine of continuously talking about OKR, there are several check-in meetings:

OKR Check-In: 15 - 30 minutes per week per team.

Each team meets once a week for about 15 minutes to look at the current status of goal achievement, possible roadblocks and make decisions regarding next steps..

Moal-/Strategy Check-In: 15 - 30 minutes per month (Leadership)

Leadership and management responsible for strategic decisions meet once a month. The team reflects on the current status and makes further decisions if necessary. 

Reflecting Sessions

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At the end of each OKR cycle, each team reflects on goal achievement and lessons learned in OKR Review and OKR Retrospective. I support the teams in asking the right questions, gaining insights and deriving actions for continuous improvement.

In the Leadership Team, we also reflect on the Midterm Goal (Moal) and the feedback from the OKR teams. You decide whether the Midterm Goal is still valid or whether adjustments need to be made.

Finally, I look at the entire OKR system together with the OKR Base Team, the OKR Guides and the Leadership Team. Do the architecture and parameters still fit? Does it make sense to onboard additional teams? What have we learned? What do we want to change?


There are two scenarios for this phase:

Scenario 1: We've been through the first two phases of your OKR journey together. Now it's time to say goodbye and for you to continue on your own.

Scenario 2: You started your OKR journey on your own and have gained some experience with OKR.  Now you're at a point where you think it would be helpful to have an external perspective - like an OKR audit - and to develop steps to the next level.

OKR journey services

OKR System Reflection

It's time to say goodbye 🥲

In this workshop, together with the OKR Base Team, OKR Guides and Leadership Team, we'll reflect on your entire OKR journey so far. What have we learned? Are we seeing positive changes to the challenges we set out to solve with OKR? We'll look at what you need from me as a guide to confidently continue your journey on your own.

OKR Audit

You have already gained some experience with Objectives & Key Results and have the feeling that an outside perspective and pulse check would be beneficial for you to reach the next level of your OKR implementation.

In this session I will reflect with you on your current OKR system and advise you on meaningful changes and next steps.

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Ok Sandy, why should we choose you?

With so many great OKR coaches out there, it will probably come down to whether you like me or not 😉 Let's find out and meet for a  virtual coffee!

You want some facts right now? Alright, here we go:

  • For me, OKR (Objectives & Key Results) is a holistic agile and systemic framework
  • I'm not a dogmatic person - OKR isn't the solution for everything and everyone
  • Being pragmatic and trying things out is the way to go for me - albeit I always base it on a good theory or hypothesis.
  • I worked as a teamlead in key account management and online marketing in two startups
  • My own OKR journey began in 2016, when I took over the OKR Master role in a startup where we adopted OKR
  • Since 2019, I've been coaching SMEs and startups on their OKR journey as a freelancer
  • I'm an official partner of die.agilen GmbH, where I train and certify OKR Masters and support large enterprises with OKR coaching and consulting.
  • I'll support you in German and English
  • I work internationally with a remote first approach - yet I'm open to travel if it's within reasonable limits.
  • I have two very cute cats that might make a cameo in some of my workshops.

Sounds good? You got some questions? Let's chat!

I'd love to hear from you!

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