Fixing Team Collaboration and Communication

Our world is more dynamic than ever. Teams and team members are juggling various topics.: Creating customer value, working together as a team (especially in distributed, remote teams), adopting ways of working to meet the world's dynamic. This can be a real challenge.

These questions sound familiar?

  • I feel disconnected from my team, how can we improve our feeling of connectedness?
  • Why does our team exist? What are your goals? How do we contribute to the organization's success?
  • Most of your meetings and brainstorming sessions end in circular discussions without any outcome. How can we fix our collaboration style to finally stop wasting everyone's time (and money)?
  • Our team just got staffed for a new exciting project. We don't really know each can we become a strong, high performing team?
  • I feel like we're only focussing on and serving internal processes. Do they still serve us then? How can we make more time for actual value creation?

How can I support you?

I help you to reflect on your current situation and challenges. What are the pain points exactly? When do they occur? What are your resources that you can build on?

We'll figure out together, what possible solutions could look like and experiment with them. Setting up regular feedback and reflection loops are key here, too. I'll support you to explore different perspectives and ideas for your team.

What can come out of it?

The actual outcome is highly dependent on your individual situation and goals, that can be e.g.                              
  • Clarity and common understanding of team goals, roles, values and workflow
  • Regular feedback and reflection loops for team development and continuous improvement
  • A higher sense of connectedness though team retreats, regular check-ins or problem solving workshops
  • Guardrails to make decisions more effective and efficient
  • Your team being the lighthouse for outstanding team collaboration and performance in your organization 🤩

Sounds exciting? Got some questions? Let's chat!

I'd love to hear from you!

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