Conscious and Self-organized Team Work

Teams and their members find themselves confronted with the need to establish new forms of collaboration: To deal effectively with the dynamics of the outside world and to develop in line with changing requirements without constantly pushing themselves to the limit. A real challenge! .... Perhaps for you too?

Do these situations sound familiar?

"Ah, the "Update Meeting"....that's when I answer my emails, honestly."

Most of our meetings or brainstorming sessions end in circular discussions without any real outcome. It's always the same 1-2 people talking while the rest of us are switching off after five minutes. 

How can we improve our way of communication and collaboration in a way, that makes us stop wasting time (and money!) while really engaging with each other?

"We should..."

Things fall by the wayside, ideas for improvement remain unspoken or are left lying around in a document somewhere, and there are regular arguments because people don't feel responsible.

How can we bring clarity and transparency into our team?

"Nope, can't. Need my boss' thumbs up for that."

It often takes an incredibly long time for certain topics to get rolling because the decision is always up to our manager. But they never have time! We've lost many an opportunity as a result.

How can we manage to distribute decisions among several people and thus take action more quickly?

"Forget it, that won't come to anything."

Innovation is demanded but all ideas eventually come to nothing. 

Soon the next "big thing" will come from the Board of Directors and then we'll once again spend a lot of time and money on projects that will never be completed...because the next big thing came up. So annoying!

"Team building...ok, fine...but please no embarrassing stuff with letting yourself fall into your colleague's arms or something....!"

Our team has just been put together for an exciting project.

We've been working together for a while but honestly, we alongside  each other instead of really working together.

How can we find a strong and effective (re-)start together without having to play embarrassing games or do "challenges"?

The Magic Wand, turning all your problems into dust! 🪄

Unfortunately, I don't have that. I'm going to go out on a limb here: nobody has it, not even those who want to sell you "5 proven steps to success". Nevertheless, there are starting points and levers that can help teams to go one step further in their development. In any case, it's better than doing nothing.
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Your Team Travel Guide

Every team's journey is as individual as the team itself. There is no all inclusive package here. Regardless of whether you want to take a closer look at a specific topic or embark on a longer transformation journey towards self-organization. My approach is pragmatic, peppered with impulses and perspectives that you may not yet know. My aim is to give you the tools you need so that you can quickly and confidently continue your journey on your own.

What is your main interest?


Make the implicit transparent and align expectations.
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Effective Communication

Talking helps.

If it is done in a reflective way and with the relevant people on the important topics at the right time.

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Team Evolution

When developing your own operating system, it is more about the "how" and "why" of the transformation than the actual result. Because this will constantly change.
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Clarity and transparency can mean many things. It is effective to make the implicit explicit and thus discussable and changeable. In team development, this can include topics such as

  • Start of a new (project) team
  • Reflection and experiments in an existing team
  • Personnel or thematic changes in the team
  • Roles and accountabilities
  • Decision making
  • Team goals

Team Journey Options

(Project-)Kickoff Workshop

The best team building event: All team members coming together in a room to develop a common understanding of the purpose and scope of their work. What roles do you need? What are the goals? Which working mode suits you? What are the concrete next steps?

After the workshop, you can always go bowling 😁

"Pause & Play" Team Workshop

The opportunity for teams to briefly press the "pause" button, reflect on what has happened and then look to the future together: What is the specific purpose of your team? Are changes on the horizon? Do roles or responsibilities need an update? What about goals? Is your work mode still suitable? After working out concrete next steps, press "Play" again.

Works well  online or in-person. Even better: In a nice location as an actual offsite. Especially effective if you work in a distributed team.

Introduction to various topics and experimenting

Various intro sessions and workshops are possible, e.g.

  • Decision-making
  • Role-based work
  • Tension-based work
  • Brainstorming and experiments
  • Problem solving
  • Outcome-oriented team goals
  • Intro to OKR

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Effective Communication

Talking helps.

Sometimes, however, we are not aware that the way we communicate separates us from our counterpart rather than connecting us.

Meetings also fall under this point. Are they really all necessary? And are the ones that are necessary well structured?

Here are a few helpful approaches that are worth discovering.

Team Journey Options

Feedback and Conflict Competence Workshop

In this intro session, the team members deal with the four steps of effective communication (according to NVC). In combination with tension-based work, this is real fuel for conscious collaboration.

Unsuck my Meetings Workshop

Together as a team and as individuals, you look at your meetings. Where are the problems? Do you still need them? And if so, in what structure? What kind of meetings do you need? Which decision-making techniques help you to leave your meetings more energized? 

You will also learn about the most efficient meeting in the world 😎

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Team Evolution

Many teams (and organizations) want to become more responsive and adaptable to current requirements.

It can be helpful to examine one or two topics in isolation and learn new methods. It is even more helpful to try out an approach that helps to organize the transformation holistically, but leaves enough room for individual requirements and needs.

There are countless models and approaches out there, I work with The Loop Approach® (developed by The Dive). This is more about the "how" and "why" of continuous evolution than about arriving at a specific state at time X.

The Loop Approach consists of three modules of two workshop days each. The modules take place at intervals of 4-6 weeks.

I am listed as a Loop Fellow at The Dive and authorized to coach teams and organizations according to The Loop Approach®.

Team Journey Options

Module 1: Clarity

This module is about making visible what is already there so that the first steps towards change can be taken. The team looks at its own meaning and purpose, experiments with role-based work and thus makes responsibilities transparent. The team also learns about tension-based working for the first time.

Module 2: Results

After 4-6 weeks, the team reflects on their experience with the results of the first module. Now it's time to delve deeper into the work within and the structure of the team. You will get to know two essential meeting formats and techniques for individual organization so that you can work together effectively individually and as a team.

Module 3: Evolution

After another 4-6 weeks, the team will focus on the topics of adaptability as well as feedback and conflict competence. After completing this module, you will have the tools to adapt your own structure as required and to deal with tensions and conflicts constructively. You can now "continue looping" on your own.
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Ok Sandy, why should we choose you?

With so many great OKR and team coaches out there, it will probably come down to whether you like me or not 😉 Let's find out and meet for a virtual coffee!

You want some facts right now? Alright, here we go:

  • I worked as a teamlead in key account management and online marketing in two startups.
  • I'm not a dogmatic person - Being pragmatic and trying things out is the way to go for me - albeit I always base it on a good theory or hypothesis.
  • I'll support you in German and English
  • I work internationally with a remote first approach - yet I'm open to travel if it's within reasonable limits.
  • I have two very cute cats that might make a cameo in some of my workshops.

Sounds good? You got some questions? Let's chat!

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