Mentoring for OKR Masters

You took on the role of OKR Master / OKR Coach and now you want to up your game? Keep reading!

Do you recognize these situations?

  • You attended an OKR Basics training and now you're looking for a sparring partner to help you implement what you learned in your indivdual context.
  • You've been working as an OKR Master / OKR Coach for a few cycles now, yet all you do is facilitating plannings, reviews and retrospectives. You know there's so much more to the role that you want to explore.
  • You're the only OKR Master / OKR Coach in your organization and you're looking for someone to exchange experiences and reflect.
  • You tasted blood. Now you want to pursue an "agile" career and you're looking for someone to support and coach you.
  • You're facing a specific challenge as an OKR Master / OKR Coach and you have no idea how to go about it.
  • You're a newbie OKR Master/Coach and looking for some guidance for your first steps.
  • Few months after starting with OKRs the initial euphoria is gone and has been replaced by disillusion. You're looking for ways to rekindle that fire in your organization.

How we work together

In the mentoring program I'll support and coach you through your challenges and give you room to reflect your work. I'll share my knowledge and experience with OKRs, agility, team development and...humans in general 😉

  • We'll jump on an initial phone call to see if the mentoring program is for you.
  • Before we get started, we'll talk about your concrete situation in a kick off workshop. Here's where you define you goals that you want to achieve by the end of the mentoring program.
  • We'll meet on a regular basis via video chat, phone or in-person.
  • The total duration fo the program will be between 3 and 6 months.

And...what would an outcome look like...?

The outcome depends on your specific background, context and individual goals. It can look like this, e.g.:
  • Clarity and comprehension regarding all various aspects of the OKR Master role and how to leverage them in your work.
  • More confidence in your role by developing certain skills like facilitaton techniques, better formulation of effective Objectives and Key Results, workshop design etc.
  • Personal growth through developing your coaching stance, systemic view, reflecting your own doctrines etc.
  • Being able to better support your team(s) by reflecting your own mindset as an OKR Master / Coach.
  • Facilitating better OKR plannings, OKR reviews and retrospectives by reflecting past workshops.
  • Clarity about your own values and how those should be reflected in your work as an OKR Master / OKR Coach.
  • Actionable steps to embark on the professional path of agility.

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